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太平洋聯盟在台正式啟航 世界球后索倫斯坦御駕親臨圓山 與球迷見面

被譽為史上最成功的女子高爾夫運動員的巨星安妮卡索倫斯坦(Annika Sörenstam),五月三日下午抵達臺灣。她是以太平洋高爾夫聯盟國際會籍形象大使的身份,參加「高爾夫盛宴」系列活動。

One of the greatest players of all time, former LPGA superstar Annika Sorenstam will headline several fan events in Taipei from May 3rd as a Pacific Links International ambassador.


It will also be a monumental day as the International Membership programs of the Pacific Links International will now be officially offered for golfers in Taiwan. Sorenstam will have a meet-and-greet date with more than 400 local players and fans in a gala dinner in the first evening.


The gala dinner was held today (May 3rd) at The Grand Hotel Taipei. And tomorrow (May 4th), Sorenstam will head to the Miramar Golf and Country Club to co-host a coaching clinic event with the LPGA of Taiwan.


“It’s all about finding the passions,” Sorenstam said to the press this afternoon when asked where she wants golf to take her daughter to. “I want her to have fun, and so do the young players I coach. Have fun and find the passions along the journey, and appreciate them, not worrying about results and the future. I always hope my passion would inspire them.”


“Golf is a high technique sport. It may take a lot of time and grinding, but you will feel exhilarated when you reach new heights. Seeing a perfect tee shot off your wood, I mean, you can’t find that strong a sense of achievement in any other sport,” said Sorenstam.


Sorenstam found similarities in golf and in life. “I tell my teen players, playing golf is one thing, but how you cope with the demands golf provides and handling pressure and responsibility, and ultimately finding who you truly are, these are the most important and will build the foundation in no matter what you do. You almost can get to know a person just playing golf with them,” said Sorenstam. “I hope the experience will help them see things differently and be more prepared and motivated in any other life events they might face.”


Sorenstam confronted questions about her close friend, local star, and fellow former LPGA no.1 Yani Tseng. “Yani’s achievement has been somewhat never-before-seen. I know she’s been dealing with heavy pressure and expectations. It’s not just about doing your own jobs. There will be a lot of attention and doubts from people and you will be forced to face a lot of decision-making moments and family affairs,” said Sorenstam, who is positive on Yani resurrecting her dominating game. “I think Yani’s got a solid foundation. I believe she just needs that one good week and we will see her come back stronger than ever.”


One of the most successful female golfers in the history of the game, Sorenstam has won 72 LPGA Tour titles and 10 major championships, completing the career Grand Slam feat. After stepping away from competitive golf, she continued to occupy her schedule with golf promotional activities. Serving as the final destination of an Asia Tour after Wuhan and Guangzhou, Taipei will conclude the golf feast and welcome Sorenstam in a reception dinner to be held at The Grand Hotel Taipei and meet with the passionate Asian golf fans.


Pacific Links International launched a Taiwan office earlier this year in an effort to grow its presence in the Asian market. Former vice chairman of the TPGA Liao Kuo-Chih, also a former Taiwanese professional player, was named the first president and general manager of Pacific Links Taiwan.


TLPGA chairwoman Liu Yi-Chen, in her speech in the press conference, also praised the contribution played by Sorenstam and Liao, in development of the sport after their successful pro careers. This is Sorenstam’s second trip to the home nation of Yani Tseng after a coaching clinic event three years ago in partnership with the TLPGA.


Owning and operating membership programs in cooperation with more than 500 clubs and courses around the world, the Pacific Links International strives to create more playing opportunities for amateur golfers, at pleasant prices – normally just about US$60 for 18 holes. The birth of the new program serves a win-win solution for course owners and players in this ever evolving industry.


“Since my retirement from professional golf in 2008, I’ve been searching to give back to the sport by helping golfers, especially in female and junior golf, as well as promoting the great concept of tourism golf. I met Mr. Du Sha and I was really impressed with Pacific Links’ plans for the future. I’m excited to be able to work with Pacific Links International as a brand ambassador, bringing people around the world more opportunities to enjoy the sport,” said Sorenstam.

太平洋聯盟成立於2009年,致力於為會員提供全球最著名城市和高爾夫聖地的擊球體驗,遍佈國際超過五百餘家聯盟球場,構成一張充滿無限價值的高爾夫網絡。從美巡賽旗下TPC球場系列的「鋸草」(TPC Sawgrass),到紐西蘭名場的「枴子角」(Cape Kidnappers)、「杉木崖」(Kauri Cliffs);穿過東南亞叢林,再到歐洲的莊園城堡,無論在海南的天涯海角,還是在雲南的陽光春城,太平洋聯盟國際會籍所帶來的,是一座座由不同地理環境和人文情懷造就的獨特高爾夫球場。歡迎球友們加入今年這場「高爾夫盛宴」,透過聯盟安排的震撼聲光視聽展演,體驗這些傳世經典球場的一流水準與優美風光。

Founded in 2009 by Du, Pacific Links International owns and operates a rich portfolio of golf courses around the globe. From the characteristic Cape Kidnappers and Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand, to jungle destinations in South Asia, and from the finest European chateau courses to the Yunnan exoticism in Southwest China, the Pacific Links International strives to create a collection of the most sought after courses in the world, delivering the best memorable golf experience for its members.


Founder and chairman of the Pacific Links International Du said, “Golf makes us happy. And with the all-around portfolio of sites to choose from with our International Membership programs, we hope to spread the happiness and privilege to our members with access to playing around the globe.”


Du said, Taiwan has a rich golf culture, knowledgeable fans, and more than 60 courses but they don’t really derive from a diverse environment such as desert resort or tropical rain forest settings. Now with the International Memberships, local members will be offered special prices to play in not just the six newly-aligned clubs in Taiwan but a variety of world selections with refreshing features.


Du also shared his philosophy and vision in the region during the press conference. The six clubs and courses now included in the Pacific Links’ member choices are, Sunwood Lake Golf Club, Chang Gung Golf Club, Royal Kuan-Hsi Golf Club, National Golf Country Club, Chianan Golf Country Club, and Hsin Yi Golf Club.

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