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Entry Form
1. Who can join the TLPGA TOUR?
All female professionals who holds full playing member status of a recognized Ladies Professional Golf Association or Tour.

2. Do I lose my amateur status if I become a member of the TLPGA TOUR?
The TLPGA TOUR abides by the rules regarding Amateur Status as outlined by the R&A.
When becoming a member you will state within the membership form that you are an amateur.
When you enter an event you will need to sign an ‘Amateur Waiver Form’, which protects your Amateur status.

3. I am under 16 years of age can I become a member of the TLPGA TOUR?
Special permission must be sought from the TLPGA TOUR and will be reviewed on a case‐by‐case basis.
If the application is accepted you must be accompanied at every event by a parent or guardian.

4. How do I join the TLPGA TOUR?
If you are already a member of the TLPGA, your membership of the TLPGA TOUR automatically activates when you compete in a TLPGA TOUR event.
Non-residents of Taiwan shall submit an application for INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP (Note: International members are not eligible to stand for election to the Board or vote on any Association matters).
Membership forms can be obtained from the TLPGA TOUR website. Complete the form and return it with payment details to the TOUR office address on the form.

5. How do I enter a TLPGA TOUR event?
Upon successfully gaining membership, you will be notified by email, or be able to access the member’s area of the website, for the application forms and details to enter the events.
The entry fee for each event is USD100 unless specified otherwise.

6. How much does it cost to become a Member of the TLPGA TOUR?
If you are a member of the TLPGA, there is no membership or joining fee.
Annual Membership Fee: $600USD ($18,000NTD); Amateur Player (Citizen or Residents of Taiwan only - female amateurs age 16 years or older with a handicap of two (2) or less): $8,000NTD

7. When is the deadline to join the TLPGA TOUR?
Starting from the last day of Qualifying Tournament of next season until December 31. (About 1 1/2 month)

8. Do I have to play with clubs that conform to the groove specifications in the Rules of Golf that are effective from 1 January 2010?
Yes, the new groove specifications do apply for all TLPGA TOUR Tournaments.

9. What is the benefit in becoming a TLPGA TOUR member?
Ranking points for the Order of Merit will only be awarded for the events in which you are a TLPGA TOUR member.
According to the 2018 TLPGA TOUR Priority List, only members can be eligible for the priority entry status.

10. If I become a member of the TLPGA TOUR does it guarantee that I will play in every tournament that I enter?
No. It will depend on the number of spots in the field and who else has entered the tournament.
Please refer to the 2018 TLPGA TOUR Priority List. Spots in a tournament field will be allocated in exemption category order and position within that exemption category.
Any member who has entered the tournament but does not get into the field will be placed on the waiting list also in exemption category position and order.

11. For all other questions please email:

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